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Wednesday, April 04, 2018
By Michael David
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When I started the Michael David Picture Project, I really didn’t know what to expect. I knew that I wanted to give a voice to fellow small business owners, but I didn’t know how I deeply I’d be impacted.  The more I got to know the owners of these businesses, the more I realized each business has a unique story to tell.  Ashley Tucker is the owner of A&L Co. This is her story.  


“Growing up, I was in love with being creative and trying to find new and exciting ways to make that into a career. Shortly after high school, my dream job of being a hairdresser and working with my hands was finally into play. I found the love of my life at 20 and we married a year later. Having children was a definite and we couldn’t wait to start a family. After losing many babies to miscarriage, we finally were blessed with a little girl we named Ava. Ava is the sweetest, funniest, most outgoing little girl with a spunky attitude you will ever meet.


A year later, we felt our hearts tugging for another baby and were pregnant after a couple months. This pregnancy was very different. Seven weeks into my pregnancy, the doctors informed us that the baby was located in my abdomen, attached to an artery (blood supply).


We were heart broken. In about 2 weeks, the artery was expected to rupture and it would be life threatening. Having gone through two rounds of chemo to preserve my life, I was devastated to lose another child. I really struggled with why God would allow me to go through such trials, why it had to be so difficult to have children. Not knowing at the time, God was preparing me emotionally, physically, and spiritually for what was to come.


I was not doing well - balancing motherhood, depression, sadness, struggling with my faith, and having a lot of mouth pain to top it all off. After multiple trips to the dentist, they told me I needed $50,000 worth of dental work and for some reason every tooth in my mouth had an issue. Through a woman in my church, she advised me to speak to a holistic doctor in California. I sent him an x-ray of my mouth and within a few months was flying down to see him. He told me I had to have all of my teeth removed. The chemo treatments had killed off all the living roots in my teeth. 


As a 25 year old female, with a beauty school degree, you do not under any circumstance want to hear that you have to have all of your teeth removed. Unless it would save your life.


Leaving my husband and baby behind, my mom and I stayed in California for two weeks while I had the procedure done. I healed holistically, no pain medication, no antibiotics, only fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, juicing, organic supplements, and essential oils. We were learning to depend on the earth to heal my mouth and body. I learned that my uterus was affected by mercury poisoning, stemming from infected root canals, and I learned that there was a connection between this and my history of miscarriages. My body was shutting down; I had several tumors in my mouth, mercury poisoning, and over 6 abscesses. This was life changing.


Before boarding a plane with no teeth, I had an exit x-ray to see if everything was cleared away. The doctor went on to tell me that there was evidence of a tumor in my lung that was possibly cancerous from all the toxins that traveled through my body for years.


I trusted that God would tell me why I was really there. Why, after having my teeth removed, would he spring this on me? God was teaching me to trust him. I did.

We flew home and reunited with my little family, I told them to pray. Life went on for the next 2 months, I continued to juice, take supplements, change my makeup and skin care routine to metal and chemical free, and eat organically. After going to a doctor for a second opinion, by God’s grace it was completely gone! There was nothing there! A year later we welcomed our beautiful little boy Levi. Coolest little dude ever.


I am so thankful for my life and what we as a family have gone through. I didn’t ask for any of this, but I love the passion that emerged from our experiences to create something that once healed my physical body. God is my ultimate healer and He has turned my ashes into beauty.


My journey, albeit a painful one, led me to create A&L Co. What we put on our skin, is absorbed by our body. Would you knowingly rub cancerous chemicals on yourself or child? I doubt it. Yet, many people do every day.After my health experience, I wanted to create a skin care line that was organic, all natural, and chemical free.”


Visit today and use code MICHAELDAVID15 for 15% off your entire order in April 2018. 


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